Why do you like FIFA World

fifacoinsfut Date: Jun/09/14 16:30:00 Views: 91

There are many games online,but if you choose FIFA 14 this game,we think you must like play football.With 2014 World Cup's coming,you must be crazy for this game and World Cup.We think this is one reason why you choose FIFA World.

I think every school has football field,you must would love it when you are child in the school,as we all know ,many boys like to play that ,because this sports need to expend too much energy,but it also can help you do the physical exercise and make you stronger,just like World Cup's symbol:Bigger,Bolder,Better than
ever.Maybe this is one reason you love it.

Play football,you must have enough passion,actually,you must be in full passion when you do something,then you can have strong determination to succeed no matter what you do.So when you get score goals when you try your best,it must be so exciting ans all of audience must be crazy for you just like you are a shining
star,but it is true,we do know some footall star:Massey of Bassar,Pele of Brazil and so on,and if you play FIFA 14 this game,you must have one star in your heart.

Play FIFA 14,you can choose the football memeber to john your group,just like trade,you also can buy FIFA 14 coins to help you when you need,it is just like the real World Cup,so we can say if you cant go to see the World Cup,you can watch TV or play your FIFA world's game to enjoy the pleasure of all success.