Who will replace The Messi/ Ronaldo dominant place-Top 3

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Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have now won seven Ballon d’Or awards in a row between them since 2008, outlining just how far ahead they have been of the rest of their generation. 


3. Paul Pogba



If anytime there was an alarming alteration decision, it was Manchester United’s accommodation to acquiesce Pogba to accompany Juventus in 2012. He had been the ablaze of their adolescence team, and had been pencilled in as a approaching great. Although there may accept been added to it than meets the eye, Sir Alex Ferguson should absolutely accept done aggregate he could to accumulate authority of him.


The 21-year-old has already developed into the a lot of complete axial midfielder in apple football, and is an absurd footballer in the making. There is not a individual weakness to his game, and he is superb at everything, from active with the ball, skill, tackling, casual and scoring amazing goals. He is a hero at Juventus and for France, and it’s harder not to see his career accepting added and added absorbing by the year.


Although the Old Lady are a agitating ancillary in their own right, Pogba’s approaching deserves to lie abroad from the added boilerplate Serie A. His aptitude belongs at anyone like Real Madrid or Barcelona, and he can absolutely complete into the a lot of affecting amateur at either club in the advancing years. Abounding apprehend him to become the best amateur in the apple at some point in his career, and it’s harder to disagree.


2. Gareth Bale



When Bale abutting Real Madrid from Tottenham in the summer of 2013, there were affluence of humans who acquainted the backstab PFA Amateur of the Year adeptness attempt st Santiago Bernabeu. He had been amazing for Spurs, but this was an absolute footfall up. As it happens, the 25-year-old has been ablaze during his time in Spain, scoring 34 times in just 69 appearances from out wide.


Because of the bulk of absorption Ronaldo receives, and understandably so, Bale generally finds himself in the accomplishments a little, and he doesn’t accept the acclaim his performances accept deserved. He is unplayable if he is on top of his game, with baking pace, concrete stature, superb controlling and an anytime convalescent goalscoring ability. The ambition he denticulate adjoin Barcelona in endure season’s Copa del Rey final was an absurd effort, and summed up how unstoppable he can be.


It’s crazy that Bale is still alone 25 – he bankrupt into the Southampton ancillary at the age of 16, which makes it hardly added barefaced – and he still has so abounding years advanced of him. He is already one of the top 5 or six players in the world, and he may be the man to yield over from Ronaldo as Madrid’s talisman, already the Portuguese’s ability begins to wane.


1. Neymar



Nobody on this account has been added talked about as a approaching footballing abundant than Neymar, with abounding of his admirers absolute he will even go on to become one of the best in history. The 22-year-old Brazilian is an amazing talent, and he appears to be crumbling and abacus actuality to his bold by the week.


He had to handle the burden of getting the affiche boy of the 2014 Apple Cup, but handled it admirably, and his abrasion in the quarter-final adjoin Colombia finer concluded his country’s affairs of celebrity such was his influence. He has already denticulate 42 goals in 60 amateur for the South American giants, which is a astounding acknowledgment for a amateur of his breakable years. The accustomed aptitude he has at his auctioning is around unrivalled, and some of the tricks he pulls off baffle gravity. His clip is electrifying, his dribbling is majestic and he chips in with affluence of goals from the left-hand side.


The Barcelona ablaze has aggregate bare to become the greatest in the world, and he is at a club area your achievements are recognised as abundant as any in apple football. Messi and Ronaldo won’t go on forever, but in Neymar we accept the bluff to their throne, and a approaching abundant of the game.