What makes FIFA Ultimate Team so addictive?

fifacoinsfut Date: Jun/30/14 15:43:44 Views: 71

What makes the game mode so addictive? EA Sports took the idea of playing online against friends and random opponents and combined it with the childhood pursuit of collecting football stickers, or POGs, or GoGos, or insert childhood obsession here.

I caught up with Mat Prior, the man behind the first ever edition of FUT, and Adam Shaik, the creative director of FIFA Ultimate Team. The two men have been instrumental in the success of the game mode, and when I speak to them, they are understandably beaming with pride as FUT its fifth birthday.

"The rush of it is down to the emotional connection to the schoolyard, opening packs and getting someone like Messi, or getting someone who's not any good," says Mat.

"We take the fantasy football approach a step forward and allow gamers to realise their dream and build their team, there's a uniqueness, and a chemistry mechanic."

FUT addicts will know that each team is a delicate balance of yin and yang, and this was a very conscious decision by EA Sports.

"The key ideal is that there couldn't just be an end to it, it's not just about collecting the 11 best players and then you've finished, you build it around your first good player.

"If you get a good English midfielder - you're likely to build your team around a 4-4-2 formation," says Mat.

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