Unaccepetable things in FIFA

fifacoinsfut Date: Mar/03/15 11:39:12 Views: 84


FIFA series game have been the most popular game in the last year,but for many FIFA players  that you will have some things you may be angry with it ,here let's talk about some of things you hate people doing in Fifa :


No mans acreage fifa abilities (usually afterward a abortive anniversary so that the being can added appearance their ahead but again lose).


5 at the aback esplanade the bus formations (LB+Y to winger, achievement to account a ambition and again in the words of the aristocrat Fonzie "sit on it".


Time crumbling (I'm not on about befitting the brawl at the back, no, the "I'm in the lead, so now I'm traveling to watch every cut arena in the bold because it runs the alarm down...missed shot, I'll watch it 3 times, substitutes active on, I'll watch it, Random abhorrent pixelated fan jumping in the crowd, I'll watch it".