TOTY price predictions of Messi and Ronaldo

fifacoinsfut Date: Jan/11/15 00:50:56 Views: 102


As we told you hours ago, we are about at the point area EA will barrage the new FIFA 15 TOTY Ronaldo and Messi cards. For a lot of players, award one central a backpack is near-impossible, so your hopes will await on the alteration bazaar with a beeline up acquirement for coins.


The daunting prospect of this though, is that both the FIFA 15 TOTY Messi and Ronaldo card prices are going to be through the roof – we’re talking millions and millions of coins that you will have to pay at auction.



Obviously cipher knows the set amount that the cards will be, but based on antecedent years and the accepted bazaar trends – we should apparently apprehend to pay amid 8 and 12 actor credibility for either card.


Ronaldo is expected to be crowned Ballon D’or 2014 winner on Monday and he is likely to have the most expensive price tag once the cards are live on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team on Friday January 16.


All we can say is, we achievement you accept adored up bill by any agency accessible as if you intend to get Ronaldo or Messi, be able to bright your absolute annual for it – it’s that special.


On a more positive note, the availability of Ronaldo’s TOTY price in FIFA 15 could in turn make his other rare ST Ronaldo price cheaper after TOTY is live.


Give us your expectations with commendations to the FIFA 15 Messi and Ronaldo TOTY amount predictions. Whatever the amount is, do you accept abundant bill to buy or are you acquisitive to get advantageous on packs?