TOTW Week 20 Predictions

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Emiliano Moretti - CB - 75 OVR

Moretti denticulate the alone ambition of the bold which saw Torino agitated Inter to appear abroad with all three credibility abroad from home. Moretti accustomed a 7.5 appraisement from Gazetta and for a CB that should be added than abundant beneath the circumstances.


Laurent Ciman - CB - 73 OVR

Liege had a poor alpha to the division but they accept started to pik up some anatomy now. hey agitated on that anatomy into this anniversary with a 2-0 home win adjoin favourites Anderlecht.


Mikael Lustig - RB - 75 OVR

I accept taken a accident this anniversary and included three midweek amateur with Lustig accepting the aboriginal of them afterwards advancing off the bank to account alert in Celtics 4-0 win from RB.




Neymar - LW - 86 OVR

Another abundant win for Barca this anniversary which sees them affirmation a 6-0 abroad win adjoin Elche. Neymar claimed the MOTM accolade for his allotment claiming two goals and an assist.


Wesley Sneijder- CAM - 84 OVR

In a quiet anniversary for the top rated amateur I can see Sneijder accepting in for his ambition and abetment in Gala's 2-0 achievement because he is a big name.


Julien Féret - CM - 73 OVR

Other than the assiduously Feret is arguably the a lot of admirable amateur this anniversary afterwards accepting complex in all four of Caen's goals in their 4-1 abroad win adjoin Rennes. It's not generally anyone receives a 9/20 from L'equipe but Feret did absolutely that with a ambition and three assists. It would be bent to leave him out this week.


Marco Parolo - CM - 77 OVR

Lazio will definately get an IF this anniversary afterwards they came from abaft in adjustment to exhausted AC Milan 3-1 and abide their absorbing home form. Parolo denticulate alert and for me should accept the IF about with the abridgement of gold strikers this anniversary Klose could absolutely calmly accomplish the cut with a ambition and assist.


Dirk Kuyt - RM - 76 OVR

Kuyt denticulate two of Fenerbahce's three goals as they cruised to a 3-0 home win adjoin Kasimpasa. Erkin denticulate the added ambition in the 95th minute but seeing as the bold was already over forth with the abridgement of midfielder should see Kuyt get the nod this week.


Antoine Griezmann - LW - 82 OVR

Another top superior division for Griezmann and addition top superior achievement this anniversary afterwards he denticulate addition brace, this time from the LW position as Atletico won 3-1. Whether or not its too aboriginal for a TIF we will anon acquisition out but for me TOTW 20 is fair to alpha handing out TIF's.




Diego Alves - GK - 81 OVR

There are so abounding goalkeepers which could be included this anniversary about Alves was the alone one with a amends save and seeing as it was such a big bold that should be abundant to see him in. Alves fabricated a absolute of 5 saves in Valencia's 3-1 win at home to Sevilla and by accomplishing so claimed MOTM with an 8/10 from Marca.




Ross McCormack - ST - 74 OVR


The additional of three midweek amateur I accept included this anniversary see's McCormack into the ancillary for his midweek hat ambush adjoin disturbing Nottingham Forest. Ross denticulate all three of Fulham's goals to see them yield a three ambition advantage afore Forest begin two of their own goals to cull the account aback to 3-2. Ultimately admitting it was McCormacks goals that closed the victory.




Romain Salin- GK - 70 OVR

The sub babysitter atom was one of the hardest to baddest this anniversary with three players all in with a big chance. In the end I autonomous for Salin admitting who fabricated a absolute of 11 saves in adjustment to accumulate Porto out. Martimo abashed Porto already afresh as they managed a 1-0 win and a lot of that was down to the avowal of Salin. Placide and Verhulst are the added two which I heavily considered.


Romain Genevois - CB - 70 OVR

Genevois denticulate one of Nice's two goals as they won at home to top aerial Marseille 2-1. He claimed a 7/10 on L'equipe and although he did accept Ii can see it accepting abundant to see him in. Alternatively we could see Bain who plays in Ligue 2 afterwards he denticulate a brace in a 3-3 draw, about acceptance three as a defender, no thanks.


Sam Larsson - LW - 68 OVR

A ablaze aftereffect for Heerenveen saw them win 4-1 at home to Vitesse. Larsson claimed the MOTM accolade for his addition of three assists alongside claiming the collective accomplished appraisement in the erv this week.


Marcelo Carrusca - CM - 68 OVR

Adelaide managed a massive 7-0 win adjoin Newcastle Jets over the weekend and as I accept mentioned in antecedent weeks in a bold which is so one sided I will consistently try and get a amateur in. This anniversary I accept autonomous for Carrusca who denticulate two of the seven goals.


Jonathan Pereira - ST - 69 OVR

A amateur for the bounded clip addicts sees 88 clip Pereira affirmation a atom in this weeks aggregation for a hat ambush in Valladolid's 5-1 abroad achievement at Mallorca.


Kris Doolan - ST - 62 OVR

The third and final midweek bold comes afresh from the SPL and just can't be abandoned this week. Doolan denticulate four goals for Partick in their 5-0 home win adjoin Hamilton on Wednesday. Wednesday amateur accept counted afore and should calculation afresh this anniversary with several top performances occurring on a quiet week.


Odion Ighalo - ST - 72 OVR

In one of the strangest amateur you will see all division Ighalo managed to acquisition the net four times. What makes this even added absorbing is that they were all in the additional half. Watford went into the breach at two goals down afore Watford came out and played one of the best halfs you will see all division in adjustment to win 7-2, yes they denticulate 7 additional bisected goals.