Top issues with Fifa this year

fifacoinsfut Date: Mar/07/15 11:21:14 Views: 121


Community - If third affair FIFA 15 Bread markets are active rampant, you'd accept to apprehend that the association is aswell badly worse. Humans are searching to get the arbitrary advantage by any means. They'll buy coins, accomplishment every bold artisan they can, watch every epitomize of some debris tap in, bathe and repeat. I'm disgusted by the association and the absolute abridgement of fair play and football IQ.


Matchmaking - I'll never absolutely accept why I play humans on the added ancillary of the apple or those individuals that accept worse internet access than average. I'd rather delay a brace added account to acquisition a acceptable bout that is both lag chargeless and afterpiece in location


AI - Not a fan of Ignite. The AI players on both ends of the acreage are not actual smart. They'll run into anniversary other, the ref. They'll try to bright and accouterment after user input. They'll benumb while appearance or authoritative abhorrent runs. They basically do a accomplished lot of the adverse that you'd apprehend out of them. Needs a lot of work.


Cheating - Let's be honest, bread buying/selling/glitching has in fact become abundant worse back EA drew absorption to it. The added day I spent 30 account browsing the bazaar to see actually bags of non attenuate golds with BINs of 2,000,000-5,000,000. I've never apparent it like this in the history of FUT.


Lag switches and arrangement analytical is aswell adequately bad this year. Of course, these issues appear mostly in college capacity area humans accept cheated their way to the top. It creates matches that are added bread flips than competitive.