Top 10 Best and Overpowered Goalkeepers in FIFA 15

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Check out the top 10 best and most OP (overpowered) goalkeepers in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. These GK's are the best in the whole of FUT 15 in our opinion, if you don't agree then let your voice be heard by using the comments section.

Top 10 Best and Overpowered Goalkeepers in FIFA 15

There's some familiar names involved and some unfamiliar names that you might have overlooked when playing on your Ultimate Team game.

Tell us if you think we've missed anybody out, or what order you would have put these OP keepers in..


0:00the on

0:04cool room

0:08you I got a statement from fee for self circle really interesting video free


0:14and been browsing around a new cheap lookin

0:17videos and really pinned down we found an interesting one weekend day today

0:21and it's the most overpowered goalkeepers in on the team surprisingly

0:25no one's done a video on its own I have to pick just on my two ppl

0:2911 in pretty much cuter than ft Scott get many views but it doesn't matter

0:34it's a step in our four-year seeking an by to keep his see

0:38you block and its video gonna to top 10 destinations from all

0:41leaks say's top 10 best most overpower players

0:46their goalkeepers in in on it ain't so you coming in at number ten is Steve


0:51and he's probably the best in the French Lake you might think it's Eric labor

0:56well mean by a palette is this could be a famed this know any reason to be

1:00number one

1:00it's not write-ins said his writings know his number one is ninety oval

1:05its myself a power demand and are he's he's been playing for Marseille for

1:09years suffering

1:10he's been there about a decade in it so consistent his performances has been a

1:14number one

1:15and age is such a big game for under 1k

1:19and go keep diving is a free reflexes say take

1:22he's pretty good he is overpowered eniac sake spout I E 384 live role when even

1:27is 8a

1:28say that's why montana comes in at number ten and

1:32Lebanon on the list is the first their ppl one this kit is

1:35this few ppl in initial est and it's Tim Howard

1:38and he's overpowered and on our cuddle conspiracy shall I think it's because I


1:43he was a poster boy for like the USA and well carbon and

1:47an EA Sports you know if she can it on then I dot

1:50between a bad man einen and in the Houston area postpone feet 215 maestra


1:55next in goalkeepers their use in team had not set ease overpowered by never

1:59come up against him in Almaty me

2:01polls have some great saves in he's a valuable friend to take a as well

2:05and Tim Howard say it's fun to think about getting

2:08he circus gets taxed dolphin-safe for his position in satay is good

2:14a Stephanie well if any at night this lest come in

2:18number right is now Mon oil because he's not i've a powered

2:22if its sole I mean he acts like he's dead-on I ever really easy tank

2:27there he's not really doubt overpowered and

2:30yet to make latest cuz is no app that eighty comes in at number I and

2:35there isn't really much to say about ninety Enrique 9

2:38and there isn't much to say about knowing as far as a peak goalkeeper

2:41second sense a

2:42on to number seven Tim Crowe 1701 overall

2:46a comma she unsure United he acts like he's 85 family doesn't at Lucky 79 any

2:52eGain trying to take a never ppl call keep Newcastle he's so good

2:57and he's definitely worth getting if your ankle many coins in

3:01you wanna Chi goalkeeper get kroll and ppl as well

3:05season the Great Lake chemistry and Dan

3:08EC's really good arm he had a great we'll cut ID come off that penalty their

3:13shenanigans have Holland member

3:15fanhow and boy in mind

3:18and a bit in the limelight as well with the World Cup ready say

3:21eighties definitely have a pallet on this and Dan

3:24you're getting the if you could yankel many cons as a say

3:28come in at number six is he going to race an

3:32he's he's a tank the any reason why EC's live

3:36I mean he does act like he's a young son and say you know i neva lobbying he


3:40Rockies 8-5 that reason why he comes in at number six cuz he does makes mistakes

3:44sometimes knocks over to

3:45their day emotional intelligence for the confidence in

3:49in chief 15 if he let go in first at the race

3:52you could be

3:54left foot 45 in you know i mean

3:57say if you make the first save Irvine in the first liked

4:00at night in five minutes AIDS Conference boots and then sister will

4:04all about making the first save: and it's very hard to do this

4:08course per if he gets one save me seems site address the game and it's

4:12impossible Scoggins baby concedes

4:14he concedes and that's why comes in at number six he kinda race

4:18and on the state's billion coming in at number five assists

4:22is I think the most I P goalkeeper in the Lollicup BBVA to Spanish Lake

4:28and it's taken I had seen when the come up against him because he is a tank

4:33eight billion East South Asia powered a main I think he's as good as norman is

4:37staying acts like he's ninety oval

4:39and maybe Shin in 15 maybe should have been a bit hot in this span

4:43eva falk I'll keep his camera paprika sigh that number for us not bad and

4:48if you pay out in a lower league team get him now I'm telling you get him

4:52because he's Brillion and journeys young Int

4:55you know he is bustling is cokie passe is set out in a proper reason and then

5:00entered an

5:02he could have known of each get on the game he said i've a palette and

5:06just test taken any really could say I would highly recommend him if you put in

5:10a lower league team

5:11I mean seriously coming in at number four

5:14you would have been expecting this type thing you really wouldn't F

5:17an islamic the pontificating goalkeeper

5:20and Prii overshadowed crap for quite some years but like

5:26nice you think in Norwell vide in Fallon in

5:29the band is legal but Leno is very underpowered he signed a pad and that's

5:33what made it four from this less

5:34because whenever I come up against him each site absolutely everything

5:38and you have to just be up plus to get cock instead I mean seriously have to

5:42spit up blood

5:43he is that good many people East like is the game of his life every time I've

5:47come up against in

5:48and for that reason letter comes in at number four and in the Free is a

5:53the most overpowered goalkeeper in the Premier League I think and it's tougher

5:56to hire you get value for money within

5:59he's cheap an each good for chemistry texted

6:02me some you might choose a pheno it has popping up back Ashley

6:06but in a range ppl ease ET seq. good he doesn't have my eighty prayerfully axle

6:11a hyena

6:12and I don't know why he is an upcoming I'll keep our think he will be spanked

6:15them on in a few years time he should be art like

6:18I'll I've always had a soft spot for the pinkies he's

6:21very underrated and he gets his critics pet

6:24he starts have a really good season a season of action

6:28and & Fri 15 cuzzz high-powered he second I'm sure if you come up against


6:33been based can shower I mean you don't need me to tell you I

6:37guarantee you've come up against him he's put ports in price types

6:40Safety Building their parties can detain article it with the high life quotes far

6:45check Howard ne-10 the higher

6:48old way honestly and come in at number Tony

6:53is I love this guy i doing

6:56iodine it's had an average and

6:59funny getting can play too slovenia

7:03yesterday just before accordance began using college day

7:06but not on the game on the Cape seriously Inter Milan

7:09sis AVI it each spin he

7:13aids saliva powered I actually get scared when I see him

7:17when I see if upcoming a pen to see non-oil

7:20on some lucky night assay don't cross our

7:23Michael Costa ever see Antonovich of what the hell

7:28it s more action because I hate seeing the guy I mean on

7:31for keeping the same because he is a tank Isao overpowered this was made

7:36number till

7:37estimated for nothing he is bring and I'm sure most your gravity when he


7:42if you agree with this video or don't agree and

7:46you know use in have a missed anybody I don't think I have i mean I don't think

7:51what was overpowered

7:52I think each acts like is 86 he's not make this list quatuor

7:57because he is an overpowered video I it's not about ratings video a huge

8:01ratings quartile

8:02be in

8:03I show you it so it's Erica to hand down a pic

8:06eighties I really don't like seeing the Minutemen

8:09in the upcoming opponent when you've gone a few teenage tickle and then

8:12efficient or hate it

8:13because he's back good for that reason

8:17and and his performances in games performance topped performance against

8:21me saving everything

8:22that's quite an undertaking a number one

8:26is allege internets be fun and

8:29he might be eighty two rival but for some reason

8:32they flooded at a much wider raised his rating

8:36this year I mean seriously I think use 86 see for FIFO in the phone

8:41meh man we set secretly he should have just got to ninety

8:44that's how he acts I mean he doesn't even at ninety he acts like 95 hyphal

8:49he acts like he's playing Call the the Pele so

8:52goalkeeper g'night the best plan allowed fickle capitis bringing

8:56be fun I a Cinnabon ko kya hai come up against all have

9:01I was gonna pick game take lip service it would take days to find the exact one

9:05even know you

9:06not safe to come up can speak from he does at least twice a month against me

9:10is an open call and then I'll shoot any

9:13staged a life back online and save it and it's just

9:16the most incredible thing you have to say I mean it's an open call when he

9:19talks back gets back

9:20it does I so often can sleep it's the same of save

9:24I mean the stats after the game the Arco 180 study and I'm an unmatchable famed

9:30for the opponent any Scott like

9:32d-conn sites in this Oct 23 or something is just tank

9:35atomic of instant and there is no doubt in my mind it was good pin number one

9:40cuz a sicko keeper only stick in my memory

9:43because and I do want to play well kick against me that I

9:46a strike would score can suck into shootin shootin shootin crisis it is

9:50point-blank at his and he's goalkeeper saves more than d2 skirt top 10 this

9:54cause honestly

9:55best to be fun aged just absolutely incredible and i really think it's best

10:00I'll keep on the game I powered value for money absolutely everything

10:04so cause I be enjoyed the video I air subscribe to the pond by

10:08smashin punched him screen if you haven't already

10:11like is appreciated as always and takes a second look pretty and this is quite

10:16unique one

10:17could beat in the must have a pad defend this saying

10:20and can see where this is kind gonna be doing in my step admit fields

10:24and struck a softer that as well style and yeah I agree with this

10:28lest last night me denigrate last night in

10:31news 2 comments Boxster I'd like to see what fifty me think it is set

10:35this lineup and be really interested tonight Scion

10:39high PE got money from their sins ninety

10:42fecal keeps you might not fall off before winter thanks watching awesome

10:47see next time


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