The New Madden 18 Patch Addresses More Issues: New Features

fifacoinsfut Date: Oct/16/17 15:44:14 Views: 149

In this week, although EA Sports released a big new patch for Madden 18, the patch aim to fix the game's issues, but as a result, it actually made things worse, after this patch launches, the Madden 18's various modes also were made many tweaks and changes. Now, thanks to EA Sports, it now has put out another patch. We sincerely invite you to watch the patch's video and more news



To be honest, the new Madden 18 patch addresses visual inaccuracies with a number of players, including free agent Colin Kaepernick and David Harris of the New England Patriots. Now, let's take a look at this patch's top updates and new features: 


Top Updates

Added Vicis Zero1 Helmet with six supporting facemasks

Tuning to decrease Hit Stick and Cut Stick fumbles globally

Addressed an issue where the QB could not dive while scrambling

Added several new chemistry abilities to MUT (stay tuned U4GM)

Addressed the issue with players recovering a fumble not being able to be tackled

Addressed the issue with receivers assigned to a bubble screen running the incorrect route

Addressed the issue where the Gun Monster formation was leading to pancake blocks by the offensive line


New Features

Video Player – UI Tiles can now trigger videos

Squads Seasons – Play seasons in MUT Squads

Longshot Game Rewind – Ability to replay gameplay moments in Longshot.

Tournament Official Rules – View and agree to the official rules for Competitive Madden

MUT Champions Monthly Leaderboards – See how you stack up on a monthly basis in MUT Champions

MUT Champions Lineup Restrictions – MUT Champions events can now support lineup restrictions in the future


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