The Future of Free to Play Games

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Each new release of FIFA brings a state-of-the-art gaming experience to console users, with ever more lifelike player modelling, more convincing commentary and better physics. Around 15 years ago though, one of FIFA’s biggest competitors was still using made-up player and team names, being unable (or unwilling) to pay the licensing fees – not something that would be acceptable today!

At the same time, the Internet has brought about a huge demand for free-to-play games. The massive amount of downloadable game content available at the various app stores has developed our taste for quick and easy gaming. Sites like Fortune Palace offer free casino games like Punto Banco (where the dealer will first deal two hands of two cards) and Roulette, and unlike 15 years ago we can now play these games almost anywhere on our touchscreen devices.


So are these two models likely to merge? What’s the future for free-to-play FIFA? To answer these questions, we need to understand what free-to-play actually means – and usually these days it means “freemium”. In the freemium model, the player downloads the full version of a game but is charged small amounts during play for certain features including extra levels. A freemium version of FIFA would perhaps involve having to pay to unlock certain teams, players or stadiums.

Consoles Drive Games Forward

However, it’s important to remember that the mobile version of the game is largely aimed at people who want to try it without paying for the console version; and it’s the console version sales that have allowed the game to become as good as it is today. Casino sites and other types of free-to-play games have a different business model. Clearly, an online casino makes a profit in the same way as a land-based casino, allowing it to invest in new and exciting software – which is genuinely free to play.


The cost of developing each version of FIFA (and all major console games) shouldn’t be underestimated. Just imagine what it costs to write, record and edit thousands of pages of script, in many different languages – and that’s just the commentary. While there’s room for free-to-play gaming, it should be obvious that for games to progress, budgets need to be met somehow.

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