Take advantage of the rare gold 25K packs in FUT 15

fifacoinsfut Date: Mar/05/15 00:38:13 Views: 98



You can acquisition FIFA 15 Ultimate Team attenuate gold 25K packs accessible appropriate now for about 22 hours at the time of writing, according to a actual contempo cheep by the official EA Sports FIFA channel. The attenuate gold 25K packs should be accessible in FUT 15 until about 6PM UK time, on March 4 2015.


EA Sports admiral explained that the accustomed absolute of 5 packs still stands, so if this interests you again yield advantage by 6PM GMT tomorrow. You can see the said cheep aural the screenshot below.


FIFA 15 server problems and cachet updates – it’s fair to say that some humans won’t be able to yield advantage of the attenuate 25K packs acknowledgment to server issues. This is bright on the brand of server ecology website Down Today, which has hundreds of players accusatory about altered problems with FIFA 15. Contempo issues chronicle to the FUT alteration bazaar and problems with purchasing players, as some humans don’t accept them.


Have you been able to yield advantage of the attenuate gold 25K packs in FUT 15? If not, did you apprehension any problems with FIFA 15 servers and getting able to advertise players?