Review - Madden NFL 18

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Also this 2017 gives us, for the last summer, hard tackles and millimeter launches with Madden NFL 18. After over 20 editions that have crossed at least 4 console generations, what can we get the new version of USA football made in Electronic Arts? Let's go find it together.



The Game


Like every year, EA renews its sports franchises and, with great pleasure, does not give us any more up-to-date updates but, more and more often, real evolution of some of the world's best-selling sports titles. The Madden series has always been the best seller every year, mainly because of its great ability to renew and upgrade, never limited to just updating roster and contour objects. Moreover, the game dedicated to the NFL world has always connoted, besides the high degree of realism, also for a theatricality that is well matched with the American way of living sport. From the intro, the game shows the muscles and the Frostbite engine shows that pasta is made, with obvious improvements (and already the 17th was a spectacle for the eyes) charts involving the players and the environment in which these move.


To appreciate the changes introduced in the current edition, just start from the game between Patriots and Falcons, protagonists of the latest edition of the Super Bowl. It is difficult to maintain concentration when faced with a virtually perfect game of play and practically identical players to their real counterparts. And from this first tasting you can understand how much it has been done by developers, both in graphic terms and gameplay, but we go with order.


Just started the game in front of the classic EA Sports sports menu with the ability to slip from single-season to franchise, Longshot mode, practice, Ultimate Team mode, and finally online competitions. As for standard single-player modes, we have two alternatives, a very poor content, and the other a lot more full. Superstar mode offers very little in terms of content and it is, in essence, very much like the fast game that can throw us on the playing field without too much horns. But EA's great choice of enhancing the Franchise mode, the real heart of the single-player gaming experience, and not only because of the ability to play it online. In Franchise you can manage every single aspect of our Team's life, from financial and management issues to the impact on the workouts and the management of the pink of players. There is a possibility to make the draft, as well as the use of custom rosters, all of which are given the utmost care for the details, even the seemingly insignificant ones. It is obviously possible to "cut out" the players in exuberance, as well as to trade with other franchises, always remaining within the limits imposed by the wage ceiling (assuming you have decided to implement this feature).


The great novelty of this year is, however, the Longshot mode, essentially equivalent to the "The Journey" mode that appeared for the first time in FIFA 17. In this mode featuring elements from the RPG, we must manage the life of an emerging football star and bring it to glory in the NFL world. With a cinematic narrative rhythm, our Wade (this is the character's last name) will leave the periphery camps and then go to the high school (high school), then at college and finally at the NFL.



Among the other modes in the game we have the ubiquitous Ultimate Team and the various options for online multiplayer play. As far as the Ultimate Team mode is concerned, it is no different from previous editions, although there is a strong link with Longshot modesty, witnessed by the presence of 27 single player players in the gaming universe our young promise. In the context of these challenges, the best ones are those concerning the College years and squeeze the eye of the ever-forgotten franchise, always of EA Sports, dedicated to NCAA, university football (see, for example, the challenge between Texas University and Oregon Ducks). In addition, EA has already announced the possibility to increase this gaming experience by adding new challenges that will be released during the year. For the rest, Ultimate Team mode offers the usual variety of tournament availability and challenges both in single-player and co-op.


Even the online compartment, which technically does not offer side-by-side criticism (virtually absent during my test), has been fashioned similarly to previous seasons with individual challenges, tournaments and above all with the ability to play a whole season of franchise online. Once connected to the network, the waiting times are very small, the game runs smoothly, and the only flaw lies in the fact that 90% of the players are American or non-Italian, because of the poor feeling we have at our latitudes with football made in USA.


Let's now look closer at the technical sector that is really of the highest order: the animations, albeit still a little woody, are an absolutely photorealistic detail with players, referees and coaches that are almost perfect. Even contour elements (public, stadiums, playgrounds) are at the highest level of excellence and the feeling that is breathed is really a closely watched football game. The facial mimicry of referees and players, but above all of the coaches, is the most expressive one has ever been seen in a sports title with lots of imprecations and related arbitration measures. A particular, perhaps secondary, that contributes decisively to the choreography and appearance of the players, is given by the reflections of light on the helmets of the same with different shades of color that change to the changing of light conditions. Even the grass of the different playfields is well realized with a particularly realistic movement based on weather conditions (see direction and wind intensity).


Coming to the most relevant aspects of gameplay, the Frostbite gaming engine works extremely well despite expectations not being considered to be the first year in which it is used; the animations, on the other hand, are really very fluid and never repetitive, and they remain even in the most vigorous mix, as well as in tackles and lines of scrimmage. A novelty element is represented by the new passage mechanics, the so called (forgiving the impossible to make a literal translation) "Target Passing": thanks to this new feature, you can control the receiver and try to better manage the launch of the quarter back. It is not easy to tamper with this new way of controlling the receiver, but, in the long run, it is really rewarding, though it may not be acceptable to everyone.





Longshot - Surely this is the most engaging single player mode ever seen in an episode of the Madden series, as it feels really immersed in the role of the protagonist, enjoying the highs and lows of his career. From the first moments of play you can rejoice for a successful pass in training as well as you may feel struck by an abrupt call of the coach for a mistake committed by inexperience. And here's something really interesting: you can choose how to react to any appreciation or reproach by our coach. The decision made in these franchises will then influence the attitude of coaches and companions in the continuation of our career. A mode that allows us to immerse ourselves totally into the NFL environment.


Play Now Live - This is another new mode that allows us to follow the "real" NFL season with the ability to rewrite the history of the season or even predict the progress by playing the games before they are played in reality. Also, once the game of the week has been played, the result can be included in the results obtained in Diligence mode.


Flexible gameplay - Madden's 2018 edition is a great and valuable addition to the opportunity to deal with the Franchise Mode (both online and offline) in three different modes: Arcade, Simulation, and Competitiveness. Arcade mode, and the name already says a lot, implies the possibility to score so much, strongly limits the number of penalties imposed and, above all, totally excludes the possibility of injury. Also, you will not have to be surprised if you are going to be a perfect pass over 80 yards. This is a fun way and especially suitable for novices. The simulation mode, personally to be preferred, will immerse you completely in the NFL universe and will often incur penalties and injuries; if you decide to play with this setting in Diligence mode, you will find out how important it is to build a team that is close to each other. In Competing mode, the gameplay is centered on the competition (forgive repetition) with other users and you'll have to give the best of you with the tricks you can get by using stickers; there are no injuries and penalties are extremely rare.


As in TV - All the game is permeated by a truly amazing atmosphere and you will have serious problems in distinguishing what you see in the game from what you usually see on TV. Presentation worthy of the best ESPN rendering, never trivial commentators and journalistic comments (strictly fully English, like the rest of the game) always up to date and faithful to what is happening during the match. It's a delight to see the entry of the teams in the field and the reactions of the stakes at each action as well as the effect of the weather.


A short trip - If, as I said, Longshot mode has turned out to be a great novelty, on the other hand it has only one negative side: it turns out to be too short and closes a bit too abruptly, right at the decisive moment of our escalation in the NFL world. Being the first year, I hope for improvements for the foreseeable future.


Sound compartment - If I have to find a negative side in the game, this is to be found in the sound effects, both for the audience and those of the contour (see menu and introduction to the game); However, these are really minimal defects.


Madden NFL 18 confirms to levels of absolute excellence, being a solid product in every respect. In particular, the gameplay has added truly top-of-the-line features with the best passing mechanics ever seen in a game dedicated to American football, and the new gameplay has given further impulse to a product that is still valid. All this adds to the almost total absence of bugs and a fluidity at the highest levels. If you love this exciting sport, it's definitely a recommended purchase. If you want to buy excellent players in MUT mode after the release of Madden 18, you can choose buy cheap Madden 18 coins on You won't want to miss them.