Prepare For FIFA 15 St. Patricks Day Long Team Investments Guide

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If  you still think that St. Patricks Day is far along with you, that means you have no ideas on long team investments guide, but there are still many people expect yet another rendition of the St. Patrick’s Day tournament. Most people will want to participate in this tournament, because of the unusual rewards. Last year, the first tournament trophy was awarded 15,000 coins + 1 premium gold jumbo pack (online) and 10,000 coins + 1 premium gold pack (offline). you will learn much more long team investments guide and follow below:

Prepare For FIFA 15 St. Patricks Day Long Team Investments Guide

To enter the tournament, you either needed 18 players from Republic of Ireland, 18 players from Northern Ireland or 18 players from the Irish Airtricity League. Given the size of the awards, some of these players became extremely costly in the days before the tournament. McGeady went for +8,000 at his peak, while Shane Long went for 50,000 at one point. This makes for some excellent coin making opportunitie.


My recommendation is to invest in Republic of Ireland players only. Most people will attempt to build an Rep of Ireland squad, whereas Northern Ireland and Airtricity League players will be the cheap alternatives. Northern Ireland has two gold players and some decent silvers, whereas the Airtricity League is the weakest league in the game with a 66-rated silver player as it’s pinnacle of quality.


As this is a long-term investment, we need to consider the interest rate. Investing 20,000 coins now in order to make 10,000 in 5 months makes no sense. We are looking for bigger profits with as little risk as possible.


Whom to buy

I have decided to spread my risk a bit by investing in two players. I do recommend to avoid investing in more than 3-4 players, as it will give you a lot of work keeping track of price fluctuations.

The following two players are definitely on my buy-list. The prices provided below are the lowest obtainable bid prices at the moment:

  • Shane Long (350) – ST.
  • Aiden McGeady (900) – RM.

This is why I like them: They are from the Premier League, they are fast, and they are priced just above discard rate, meaning that the worst case loss is limited. Both cards will be on the wish list of most St. Patty-participants.

Some alternatives that won’t rise as heavily but still may be worth considering to spread the risk:

  • Séamus Coleman (1,400) – RB, rare gold, BPL
  • Robbie Keane (800) – ST, rare gold
  • James McCarthy (500) – CDM, gold
  • Wes Hoolahan (350) – the best Irish gold CAM, but not from the BPL
  • Stephen Henderson (400) – GK
  • Darren Randolph (450) – GK
  • James Kavanagh (200) – Pacy CB
  • John Egan (200) – Pacy CB


Whom to stay away from

I advise you to stay away from the below Irish players at the moment. They are simply too expensive already, and it’s not likely that they will give you a reasonable interest rate when considering the duration of the investment period. As for the two fast bronzers, they are already costly, and I seriously doubt that they will be the first choices for many St. Patty-participants when considering the alternatives in these positions.

  • Philip Roberts (550) – RM, fast, rare bronze
  • Billy Dennehy (1,100) – LM, fast, rare bronze
  • Bradley Garmston (5,600) – LB, BPL
  • Shay Given (2,200)
  • Keiren Westwood (6,100)
  • Gavin Gunning (5,900)


Where to get the coins and where to store the cards

EA are giving free packs away until Nov 16th, and they most likely will do this again in December. I took the opportunity to open a couple of extra accounts to use as storage space and coin making factories for my Irish investments.


When to sell

This is fairly crucial to your success. Last year, as many people hoarded hundreds of the same card, many player’s prices rose up until the announcement, and then plummeted shortly after (many going for less than what they could be picked up for months before).

With this in mind, and to ensure you make guaranteed profits, I advise to start selling just before or as soon as the tournament is announced. It’s unlikely you will hit the players peak, but ensuring ALL your cards sell for a very tidy profit is way more important! Use your own market knowledge to best gauge when to sell closer to the time… They’ll be a lot more information on this nearer the time too.


Some squad proposals

In case you want to play the tournaments , these are my recommended squads:

Republic of Ireland:

  • Given – Coleman – O’Shea, Wilson, Cunningham – McCarthy, McGeady, McClean, Hoolahan – Long, Keane

Northern Ireland:

  • Camp – Smith, Devine, Evans, Lafferty – Baird – Davis, McGinn, O’Connor – McQuoid, McCartan

The Airtricity League:

  • Clarke – Madden, Dennehy, Kavanagh, Gaynor – Brennan, Cretaro, Dennehy, Fahey – Towell, Zayed



Selling your cards just before the announcement (if possible) is probably your best bet to obtain very decent profits  on ALL your cards. Alternatively use your knowledge of the market to gauge a suitable time when their prices are significantly inflated. When more FUTers begin to list their excess stock, this will drive the price down and it will be difficult to sell for the market price, due to people constantly undercutting one another.

Another investment idea would be to pick many of these Irish players up during the upcoming market crash. If their prices appear to be at all time lows, it may be worth the gamble… For some players that are marginally above their discard value, you should look to pick them up now with barely any risk!


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