Man-To-Man Battles in FIFA

fifacoinsfut Date: Jun/13/14 15:20:57 Views: 69

With the beginning of World Cup,a battle is opening from Man-To-Man,and we also can see it in the FIFA game since some people cant go to the Brazil.If you dont play FIFA game,then just watch TV,but we think you need to stay up some time.

As we all know ,no matter what sports,it always needs skillful,in FIFA 14,the battle for the ball intensifies all over the pitch. Players are more physical and use Possession Tackles to win the ball and keep it - you are rewarded for good positioning and timing.Feel the game with new shoulder barges and big fall physics.
Shirt pulling is also now visible with new player visuals and improved cloth technology.If you are a shining star in the football pitch,no matter what shirt you wear,it needs a high quality and flexible to pull,so your fans would like to have one,it also can Promote the development of the economy in cloth area.And it also can show the football stars are so attractive.
You'll command set pieces. Take control and position off-the-ball teammates during throw-ins, corners and free-kicks so they’re best placed to receive a pass and create attacking opportunities.So it is a very skillful sports,and you need take any opportunities if you can.Man-To-Man battles,therefore many mans are very enjoy the game or World Cup.
If you want to have a try,since you dont have chance to go to Brazil,then you can have a try in game to experience the battles,we think it will make you much fun in your life,you also can purchase the FIFA coins on our website,hope you will get exciting mood through this game.