Lionel Messi need do his best things

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Lionel Messi is without doubt the best player in the world right now. But is he the greatest ever?It’s hard to find any holes in a player as good as Messi’s CV but there are some there. With countless amounts of trophies, awards and goal scoring records under his belt, what else does the guy have to do to prove himself? Here are 5 things we believe he must achieve to become the greatest ever.



1. Win The World Cup


A Apple Cup winner’s badge is absolutely the a lot of accepted acknowledgment to the catechism of what is missing from Messi’s accomplishments. It’s the better cost in football. If alone he was built-in in the country he has fabricated his home for about a decade. He would accept had that little affair of acceptable the Apple Cup captivated up aback in South Africa.


It will be basic that Messi has a acceptable Apple Cup in two years time, not alone for Argentina’s account but for his own. If he wins the advantageous cost it may able-bodied adhesive his abode in history as the best footballer of all time.


2. Surpass Pele’s Ambition Scoring Record


Okay, so this is a bit unrealistic due to the actuality Pele in absolute denticulate 1,281 goals in his career while Messi is currently sitting on 288 goals for Barcelona and 31 for Argentina. About the absolute amount of goals that Pele denticulate has been acknowledged in the accomplished and it has been said that he clearly denticulate 757 goals.


In aboriginal December of 2012 the Argentine bankrupt the almanac for a lot of goals denticulate in a individual calender year by award the aback of the net 86 times, assault Gerd Mueller’s absolute of 85 that was set in 1972. So at atomic he will accept that almanac to abatement aback on…


3.Win The Golden Boot At The Apple Cup


If Messi is to aces up this cost afore he hangs up his boots it would be massively impressive. A amount of factors accept to go a player’s way to be able to account the a lot of goals in a Apple Cup competition: Your civic aggregation has to be on anatomy and ability the closing stages of the competition. It is aswell basic that you are on top anatomy in every bold you play in – you will acceptable charge to account in a lot of amateur you play in too.


4. Establish Himself In Another League


The aboriginal alliance that comes to apperception has to be the English Premier Alliance due to the actuality it’s accepted ability that it is one of the best, if not the, best alliance in the world. It would be a new challenge. An agitative one at that. Messi’s rival; Getting a loyal amateur and afraid to one club is in no way a bad superior to accept about if Messi was able to prove that he can play at the aforementioned outstanding akin in added leagues, it would go a continued way in acceptable doubters that he is in actuality the greatest ever.


5. Become An Undeniable Captain at Club level


To become a top footballer it takes added than just accomplishment and ambition scoring prowess. Leadership and ability is aswell vital. These are qualities that Lionel Messi, after question, acquires so it would be no botheration for him to yield on the albatross of getting a captain – which he ahead has done for Barcelona. He is aswell the accepted captain for Argentina.