How To Price Fix in FIFA 15 and earn FIFA 15 coins

fifacoinsfut Date: Mar/09/15 11:50:38 Views: 91

As many FIFA methods be showed in kinds of website and blog, may people ignore this ,but this methods is out of popular now Nope, it is still one of the best methods to make a huge profit in a relatively easy way. Are FIFA 15 coins traders more atractive? 



Firstly, you need to wait till you see a popular youtuber publishes a new FIFA 15 video. If this video is about a certain player that is unknown and you are one of the first viewers, it is your time to shine.


You immediately switch on to your computer/console. You go to the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team web app and you will look how much the unknown player costs at that moment. If the prices are still low, you can decide to buy at least 3/4th share of all his cards that are sold at that moment on the market.


In most cases, you need a lot of coins to buy all of the cards of a specific player (preferably: silver players, because they are the easiest to price fix/lock). If you have bought that player and you own at least 3/4th part of the market of that player, you immediately put him up for 5 times the price you bought him for.


Then, when the video about that player is spread around the world, lots of people want to buy that player too. They don’t care about the price and so they will buy the cards you have put on the market for your price, which was 5 times higher than you bought it for.No matter ,you can try it this  ideal FIFA methods.