How the new EA Sports game is switching up its tactics(II)

fifacoinsfut Date: Jun/27/14 14:35:00 Views: 73

Last time,we introduced the two impromovements to look forward too after a summer of Mourinho-esque tinkering:Getting emotional and Footballers with brains.Today,we will continue to tell you the rest improvements.

Proper tackling

Fed up of your centre backs winning a slide tackle only to stay on the floor, admiring blades of grass and checking their laces while the game goes on around them? You won't be anymore. Not only do defenders return to their feet more quickly after going to ground, they're also able to retain possession while doing so if you time the challenge immaculately. And you'll be the one fawning over the turf – every footprint and slide mark remains visible until the final whistle.

Statto's dream

Pace and stamina still play a vital part in proceedings, but now other attributes are nearly as crucial. For instance, tighter ball control means slow-yet-skilful players can have a major impact – Jordan Henderson has stormer after stormer in the Liverpool midfield when we play. Plus heading isn't so overpowered this year, meaning the sport's real aerial threats, like Edin Dzeko, really stand out.

Ground force

Atmosphere is a big point of focus for the dev team, with the hope that matches at each of the game's featured stadiums feel unique. To that ends some clubs have bespoke crowd animations. Play at Anfield and you see the Kop noisily belting out You'll Never Walk Alone, while Manchester City's home supporters offer up an enthusiastic Poznan when their team scores. Which, even in virtual reality, is often.

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