How the new EA Sports game is switching up its tactics(I)

fifacoinsfut Date: Jun/25/14 17:08:10 Views: 87

The world's biggest footy game returns this September.It's a criticism often levelled at EA's annual footy outing. This time around, though, it's genuinely trying to break new ground. Here are five improvements to look forward too after a summer of Mourinho-esque tinkering.

Getting emotional
For the first time, your players constantly react to incidents around them. Not quite to the extent of Gazza-style waterworks, but close: a wild lunge might see them leap to their feet and barge the transgressor, while missing a series of easy chances could lead to the entire side getting visibly antsy.It's purely cosmetic to avoid claims of scripting, but still a welcome touch.

Footballers with brains
You're right, that isn't a phrase you read often. But it certainly applies to new FIFA, with team-mates more adept at finding space and charging into it than in previous years. The AI is smarter too, adapting its tactics dependent on the current game situation – for instance shepherding the ball towards the corner flag
when leading, or thumping long balls into the box when trying to grab a last-gasp equaliser.

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