How Many Tips and Tricks Do You Know in TERA Mystic

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What is the Mystic? To place simply Mystics are an extremely mobile jack of all trades support character. We've got sufficient heals to assistance solo healing a celebration by means of all content material. We have buffs to make clearing content material each more quickly and more efficient. We have the CC to lock down enemies (including bosses) for lengthy periods of time. Also while we do have pets they are not a most important concentrate from the class and apart from the Fairy (which is made use of as a self-heal) you possibly won't come across oneself working with the pets generally. In case your on the lookout for a pet class my answer could be Tera will not have a single despite the mystic getting some.



A mystic requires an unusual path, with combat pets at her sides, wielding magical powers to harm and heal, empowering her allies whilst cursing her enemies. Mystics have astounding maneuverability.


They channel highly effective auras that improve complete groups. They summon allies to draw aggro, to fight, or to heal and can summon their whole celebration from a single location to another. 


Mystics make their comrades better at what they do and a complete lot much more.


They drop healing orbs and apply short-term boosts to attack energy and speed. They will also restore mana to the whole party-by sucking the life force out of their enemies. 


A mystic stuns, curses, sears, smites and otherwise offers death to her foes making use of terrific area-of-effect attacks. Her excellent Corruption Ring area-of-effect attack burns up her foes' health and returns it to her party as mana. Having an uncomplicated gesture, she can dispel enhancements from her foes and debilitating effects from her allies.


Mystics give in-battle enhancement and replenishment while offering initial class crowd manage and respectable harm.


The Mystic is definitely an option for the Priest in TERA Online. It can be a healing class but trades a number of its healing energy for debuffs, buffs, and crowd-control.


Armor: Robes

Mystic armor, like that of all arcanists, is robes of cloth.


Weapon: Scepter 

The scepter is the focus of a mystic's magic, which emanates from the world about her. With this instrument of energy, the mystic can heal and harm, sustain life or bring death.



Fantastic is, and good single target.

Fantastic Escapism - their "blink" capability can move you away from danger, fast adequate to escape danger and cast a quick healing orb.

Good group skills- able to supply mana, well being and movement buffs for the celebration, as well as power-ups, dispels and CC

Can Resurrect members (the priest becoming the only other class in a position to complete so without the aids of scrolls)

Superb CC capabilities and this may assist if extra aggro is gained, or helping the group in a dungeon. Our teleport and glyphs relating to in addition, it makes us incredibly mobile and hard to pin down in PvP.



Squishy - As mystics have low defense and health, they're very squishy, and do demand a lot of protection from their celebration members. This implies that if caught mystics might be killed fairly speedily if no likelihood for escape or protection provided.

Mana can disappear pretty rapidly if more than employing some combo abilities.

The mystic relies on the thrill of life or using one of their Arun's Vitae to heal themselves, and hence remembering to perform so can get missed and for that reason, they will die a lot, in comparison with that of a priest, who has an immediate cast self-heal.

The Mystic can be hard to play healing and assistance class in TERA On the internet that may be definitely not for everybody.


What Aura's Should really I am applying?

Assuming you have got access to all 4 Auras it breaks down like this:

(Crit rate Or Run speed) and (Crit Resist Or MP Regen)

For just about all circumstances you're going to need to Run Crit Rate and MP Regen, for most situations the additional kill energy on the crit rate buff along with the utility of the MP regen buff far outweighs the defensive components of increased run speed or crit resist. Nonetheless, this really is not usually the case, in PvP, you are going to frequently discover that it can be advantageous to work with the Crit resist buff (a lot more on this explained below). 



  • Vitae orbs get rid of all debuffs also. In fights exactly where purging debuffs are critical, remind your allies to choose them up
  • Generally, preserve an eye on your mana - In the event, you drop under 75%, use your mana infusion if it's off cool-down
  • Inside the same vein, watch your overall health as well. Ensure wherever you're, you've got access to Vitae orbs, simply because they are the only way you could heal your self without potions
  • One of many best approaches will be to "pre-lay" orbs around the area you happen to be fighting. This suggests you could regenerate mana just before any fight, and know that if for whatever reason you do die, that your group can survive lengthy adequate till the mob/boss is dead or they've managed to resurrect you.
  • Blessing Release. This strips each of the buffs off of enemies within 8 yards. Having the ability to remove every single buff on an enemy is huge. The problem is this ability only has an 8m variety (of your self), which makes making use of it really hazardous. What you should do is in a group would be to ride into the center of a group of enemies, drop this ability, then use your teleport ability to obtain away ahead of you get blown up. If you teleport into a group of enemies to make use of this skill, you will get stunned or knocked down and be dead at the begin of the fight, so you'll want to preserve Teleport handy.

Pet Guide

The Mystic Pet Technique is somewhat straightforward. You may have 4 pets at your disposal: 1 Tank, 1 Healer, and 2 DPS. Each 1 will help you when they’ll be summoned. Let’s check in detail how they operate.


Thrall of Protection (Tank Spirit)


The extremely first spirit you will have. It proves definitely helpful when you are soloing. The Guardian may be the Tank and can create an excellent level of threat but almost no damage. It can frequently assist you, which means that in case you do any hostile action toward a mob, the Spirit will attack it.


Be aware that a Mesmerize Is often a hostile action, meaning you may have about a 50% chance that the Spirit is going to rush & hit your Mez. Its behavior and pathway make it virtually constantly aggro packs of mobs when traveling - and if you’re already attacking a new a single, it'll bring all its friends in your aggro range. In the early game, channel swap to dismiss it.


Thrall of Vengeance (Lightning Spirit) 


This could be the second spirit you will get. It’s a ranged DPS, dealing a fair quantity of harm but not genuinely valuable at all. The Mana investment is quite too much for the harm it deals.


It can be used as a ‘preventive’ aggro while blasting a pack. When summoned, he’ll pop 6 meters away from you in the direction you were going OR looking, which means that he’ll get the very first aggro tick from mobs.


However, summoning a spirit is not a valid ‘hostile’ action. Technically, you will be capable to summon it without breaking the Mana infusion, which is usually a good deal to continue help dealing damages while regenerating. But Isn't that fantastic? Regenerating mana to heal a group and wasting it in a pitiful useless spirit?

Of course, in the event, you would like to achieve the maximum DPS as a Mystic, ... erm, this is painful to say... you will need him up... (or... not).


Thrall of Life (Fairy Spirit)


Probably the Spirit you’re going to work with the most. This little fairy is, in fact, a priest! Upon summoning, she’ll try to stay near you, throwing each support spell she has. In the event you let her heal you the full 15 seconds she’s up, you should be 100% life or practically.

The Fairy will :



Single heal (self-heal)


AoE Major Heal (small circle)

Single heal

AoE dispel.


The pattern sometimes varies, but be certain that the 1st two things she’s going to perform, are a single dispel on you, and a ‘single heal’ - looking like the Priest ‘Self Heal’.


In most in the fights, it will be quite hard to obtain allies within the major heal circle. You should just maintain the fairy for oneself. The Fairy will ‘work alone’, meaning it is possible to still focus on your mates while she’s getting your life up. The position the fairy spawn is often the same, by understanding this, you'll be capable to just about heal like a priest. U4GM as an expert tera online gold web page offers secure, speedy and low-priced TERA gold for you.