Head to Head Graphic Games Battle - PES 15 vs FIFA 15

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Although, FIFA has always been the dominant rival, but the performance and presentation of PES has improved considerably in the past few releases.

Head to Head Graphic Games Battle - PES 15 vs FIFA 15

Therefore, comparing both these games is always a challenge. However, the detailed and impartial comparison of FIFA 2015 and PES 2015 given below will surely help you in deciding, which game to play this year.


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  1. Animations of players sprinting, feinting and combining into trick moves are slicker in FIFA 15. PES 15 does offers several high quality moves and its players have a better ability to maneuver in less space, but FIFA is better.
  2. Goalkeeper animations vastly upgraded and they are more responsive in FIFA 15, which is quite an edge over PES 2015. Also, players in FIFA 15 react emotionally to gameplay in a much better way and thus you can really feel an individual player.
  3. Corner kicks are better in PES 2015.
  4. Although, crowd animations are good in both the games, but FIFA 15 is better between the two.
  5. PES 2015 allows for individual selection of a run on player and a 100% manual passing sub-option but lacks a second player pressing when off-ball.
  6. FIFA has a far superior animation when a player receives a pass allowing for frenetic gameplay.

Animations of FIFA 15 are definitely better than that of PES 15. Best way to describe is, see it to believe it. Although, PES 15 is close to FIFA 15 in some aspects of animation, but overall PES lags in the animation department.



  1. FIFA 15 has incorporated its next-generation graphics engine in this game, which looks incredible. You can see players and their uniforms getting dirty, and they also move in a natural way. However, the details are not so good in PES 15 and it seems like a step back when you play this game after playing FIFA. Aesthetics of PES are also not as pleasing as that of its rival.
  2. The physical resemblance of players in both the games is almost equal.
  3. Graphics and viewing angles of replays in FIFA 15 are much better than PES 15.

FIFA slightly goes past PES in graphics of player resemblance, but its aesthetic quality is surely worth a watch and makes it a better choice.



  1. FIFA is a faster game experience resulting in a more frenetic and action packed experience.
  2. Both games are on equal par when adjusting difficulty settings and correctly balanced.
  3. PES 2015 has more balanced sprinting which for online may equate for a more balanced game.
  4. FIFA’s overhaul of the Premier League match day experience creates a sense of atmosphere which lacked in PES 2015.
  5. FIFA 2015 allows you to change kits, but you can’t do that in PES 15.

FIFA beats PES in gameplay as it offers a faster gaming experience and a great gaming atmosphere.


Final verdict

This PES 15 vs FIFA 15 comparison clearly shows that FIFA 15 has an advantage against PES 15. However, this comparison is of Demo versions as the final versions have not been released yet. Therefore, there is plenty of time for development teams of both the games to improve on their weaknesses, which means final versions will surely be much better.