Game settings of FIFA

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A few days before,we introduced you game mode of FIFA,today we will continue to tell you more information about FIFA:game settings.Every game has their own game settings,hope you would like this one.EA have decided to go in a different direction for this summer’s World Cup, as the 2012 European Championship was covered by downloadable content which complimented the original FIFA games to provide gamers to enjoy the special game mode.

It did not receive as much acclaim and success as EA had hoped, with gamers not taking to new content that, on the face of it, was not entirely different from the original FIFA 12 gameplay.And today,as you can see,there are 7 versions on our website:ANDROID,IOS,PC,PS3,PS4,XBOX 360 and XBOX one.We have 7 versions FIFA coins as you can buy,every version have different price just choose one you like.
The gameplay is based upon the exact game engine and physics that were used to create FIFA 14 which remains a big hit within the gaming community. There are many subtle changes which are instantly apparent when playing the game, such as different ball control physics that allow players to take the ball with their stride with the flick of the right analogue stick in the direction you are running. Gamers can also utilise a new distraction system that allows goalkeepers to make certain movements in an effort to put off the penalty taker and make them miss.
Other impressive features includes cut-scenes to see the managers react on the touchline during the game, the fans in the stadium get behind their team and unique footage of fans watching in a pub back home; it perfectly re-creates the passion and atmosphere created during a major international tournament.

If you want to have a try,just do it,we think you would love to play this game if you are fan of football,7 versions will give you different enjoyment.More importantly, EA have worked closely with FIFA and the Brazilian FA to not only perfectly replicate each official strip that will be worn during the 2014 World Cup, but also design each official stadium within a virtual world that contains every intricate detail and feature.