FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Trading - Web App Investments to Make Coins

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Today I will be showing you how to begin your journey on the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Web App, I'll tell you what you should do with your starterpacks, how to trade (How To Make FIFA 15 Coins), what to keep, what to sell and so on! Drop a like if you enjoyed the video! 


0:00wowowowowow you guys are

0:03absolutely got I mean yesterday boys I uploaded the ride

0:07only ask for you like but you guys smashed for last time I checked over 700

0:11like switches

0:12absolutely ridiculous as promised today I'm gonna be ringing out

0:16and investing video and if you guys could smash another 400 like in the


0:20it will be even more awesome but

0:23before getting to the video I'm gonna explain you why I'm doing this in

0:27smaller steps

0:28on I've been looking at a lot of players

0:31a in the database and there are a lot of place you can investing

0:36invest in and because of that I just

0:39cited you did smallest that he could if I give you all this information at once

0:43you guys are not going to be missing Ala 30 simply

0:46won't have to quit for days so you gotta make choices now that had to do with the

0:50big league for

0:50the Barclays Premier League everywhere every single player will

0:54one in people make a Barclays Premier League team

0:57and deserve that I'm gonna be given you the Barclays

1:00pre-cleared I will leave st. yes there are more by clase players

1:04in the BPL you can invest in but I will be looking for peace

1:08so you this is just my a in my list of

1:11investing in bbl players I know there are more I me at the likes of Scott


1:16didn't make it to my list but he is a very good example to invest in Islamabad

1:20yep lent let's just get right into it because we are going to be doing in the

1:24in three steps with me.

1:26going from the fenders two midfielders two attackers let's start in the back

1:30because you gotta have a solid defense and now we're gonna be starting with a

1:34very big guy who was aboard last season and his name is more people

1:37the Ekiti 73 pay them

1:416 the pending in seventy physical and he is want our big guys

1:45law and looking at got them that he will be one expensive

1:48bus filbert sent to baghdad is here so if you got the big

1:53staffer cheaply please do it because he will be very expensive then we have

1:57another guy

1:58also sent a bag shake ok we are taking place for West Ham this year with


2:02be 17 72 the pending and 86 physicals that

2:07which is I think it was heading scram

2:11and something else but it is just ridiculously 86 visible seventy

2:15pace you'll simply outrun and I'll string

2:18every single striker if he can get his governorship replete feel

2:22let's move on to the third does centre-back I'm gonna be showcasing

2:26with this year and his problem known already from last year because it is ok

2:31laurie from Aston Villa with 81 pay seventy defending and 83 physical

2:36and if you guy he if you guys can get this Kim

2:40can get this guy for TV you will make a lot of coins trust me I will be looking

2:43for this guy as well

2:44as well as the other two but if you guys can get the

2:48a corridor cheaply he will be good he will be going for a lot I

2:52it's hard to predict which one of those will be going for the most part

2:56my prediction goes to work we update

2:59bio Korea will be a up there as well there we will be moving on to a

3:03non-resident back

3:04and he was the lead one last game he moved to Chelsea did hear his name is

3:08Curtis a map

3:09even where he won't be as expensive as the reference but he will be an


3:13card as well I think ill be going for around

3:182030 campus fart and then you'll drop down a bit but

3:21if you guys can pick up for a run through Kate 3k 4k

3:24why not just go friends mp4 play some for defending them

3:289 physical got the sets were centre-back

3:31and did give the Gulf please do keep my mind investing is always a gamble so if

3:35you guys do lose points

3:36leave another lameee because these are my investment if you got you wanna

3:40follow me

3:40don't get mad at me it is at your own responsibility for

3:43I will definitely be nothing in these guys

3:47so I'm gonna be moving on to the pullback left-back

3:50right back and basically there are just two players who

3:54I will leave nothing in the best one on the left we will have a perfect plan on

3:58hold who moved from a

3:59the Tesla do the Sunderland for ninety-one paid

4:0374 drilling seeking are defending its empty physical

4:06pretty good stats for a Brea left-back and on the right hand side

4:11little be having nathaniel Klein are clean

4:14I reader know how to pronounce but his dads are ap

4:17RR 86 pay $75 dribbling them independence mp4

4:21physical those were some Hampton is English as well

4:25care above that his car just love

4:28after the gulf itself this is Lynn be pretty much did

4:32E defense I will be visiting I'm not sure if I will have enough points to

4:35invest in our people

4:36I will definitely go for at the center experts believe I don't think it'll

4:41fullback will be more expensive than the centre-backs sentimental the absolutely

4:45Dhabi a specially fewer

4:46who played 352 or any three at the back from Asian with three centre-backs but I


4:51let's move on out to midfield now because they are we pretty much have a

4:56two very solid a

4:57beside me for those we have Mohammed the army where the perfect link with aqui ft

5:02and look at the stats I mean isn't is absolutely

5:06the keeper the Jeep still for Yaya Toure a seventy nine plays

5:09age Wunderlich 73 defendants tq9 shooting 58 passing its empty

5:14physical East ass absolutely gully for sentiment and I sent

5:18defense met can't go wrong with this guy a few if you can

5:21picking up cheaply and same goes for a

5:25Liverpool's new signing camera charm but that's something I play some $2.7


5:2950m the pending 76 physicals empty SMTP party

5:33I think this guy while be a very expensive player is because of his

5:37because hi recently joined Liverpool he is very great time

5:41have been killed you will have for stuff film love which is a big that dick blust


5:46and I we will be moving on to the wings place because

5:50our first bring a movie Jefferson now montero with EPA's

5:54what a rapid guy an SMT a dribbling

5:57he will be one of those left-wingers which

6:01you will be seeing a lot in silver bbl seems alongside with Osama

6:05sied with 86 basin 83

6:08revealing about that the best five-star scale

6:12he is one of those left silver we met with five star skills in place in the

6:16ppl so he will be

6:17pretty pretty pretty god damn expensive so if you guys can pick this guy up

6:21keep me know if you to pack him in my view is kinda packed

6:24I advise you not to sell him I mean just keep you for a bit and

6:29if you're lucky might be gone for pilot who knows

6:32not going for 50 km that is a3 50 K in the bank

6:36the last big tits out for I know five-day notes people might not know him

6:41that expensive I mean your yea peace in silver but not animating

6:45about they might not know that the f5 skills you might be a

6:50well pretty much making point because about so

6:54and the last thing the boys it gonna be Nathan Dyer a right-winger

6:58with 92 money for K 8 dribbling

7:01mp3 shooting as long as the one probably for some skills as well

7:06and I gotta look and the other right-wingers and write me

7:09years by far the best you by far the best bring their so if he dies

7:14well if I if I can advise your player I would go for Nathan Dyer

7:18he is the man to go for your outright winner

7:21so I'll those believed on the midfielder's on

7:24n/a defenders on that's all it described a slap right actually have only

7:29to for nap I was looking at their own bans because I heard he got downgraded

7:33downgraded indyk found pretty much the two strikes out looking for

7:37number one is a pretty obvious one now reliable or

7:40I'm not sure if you guys are going to be able to pick this one up for key because

7:44everyone knows about Gabby but if you do you that you are probably very lucky

7:49because I remembered

7:50start a few 14 was going over 200,000 ultimately in points and ira

7:55I remember a friend of me actually picking it picking him up for two

7:58thousand points which is absolutely ridiculous

8:00made to our UK France UK which is up

8:04that's it let down that's pretty darn leap and then the last guy

8:08this might be a little little surprise for you

8:11and reapplied his guys like 6-foot-3

8:14seventy pay them 275 shooting

8:18look at his Preferred Card in that garden for still a player

8:22I will be investing in because I'm known I know for a

8:261000 percent well I am

8:291000 percent sure he will be preachy but the stock you will be very cheap

8:33silver strike at the start that no one will be chosen will be like

8:36well stats they're not very special but I am

8:41pretty confident this guy will be going up implies I am not too sure nobody

8:45don't do wanna follow me in there leave the first this tiny Bee does go up while

8:49you'll thank me later for the F was this is my BP oil investments I'll be making

8:55of the fifty Ultimate Team tomorrow when the world comes out who because the

8:59enjoys video anyways and if you did

9:00drop a like flowers like go for another video tomorrow when the world comes out

9:05yep with bring of it