FIFA 15 trading Guide : when enough to get started

fifacoinsfut Date: Jan/31/15 11:39:32 Views: 148

Buy catalogue pack boosts. If you have a high EA football club level, that will get you something like 40-50k just in bonuses. That's enough to get started trading. From there you have a few options. See below.


Pick one racket and grind it hard. Early in FIFA 15's release, I would buy lots of CF Cerci cards, buy lots of CF --> CAM cards, conver my Cerci cards to CAM, and then re-list at a big mark-up. I would make 10k per hour doing this, which was a big help in getting me off the ground this year. In previous FIFAs I have specialized in cheap, but popular players like Welliton, Doumbia, and Nilmar. You could try your luck with managers, as they can't be searched by name and thus are off limits for autobuyers. I know that I have been able to get Wenger at cheap times for like 500-800 FIFA 15 coins and sell him for 1.5k at peak times. The bottom line is pick one area of emphasis and grind it hard.



Another thing you can do is buy during crashes. During the FUTmas pack specials, I bought a full Bundesliga team with guys like Reus, Lewa, Alaba, Gotze, and Piszczek. Two days later that team had already gone up by 50-60k in value total. Easy money. Prices fall during crashes, but rise quickly thereafter.


The other main thing is just to buy IF cards at the low point of release and then sit on them for a couple weeks. I've done this with players like Herrmann and Lichtsteiner. Bough mass quantities when they hit rock bottom after 4-5 days of being in packs. Held them for 7-10 days. Sold for huge profits. It's easy money and there's no basically no risk. Once you have your first 100-200k, it is really easy to make coins. At this point I'm just coasting and I'll have over a million in no time.


Honestly, it is extremlely easy to build wealth in this game. You just need to exercise some common sense and discipline. Don't be tempted by pack offers. Packs are shit. Take a step back from the gambling impulsiveness and realize that they're just a total waste of time. I haven't opened a gold pack all year besides my preorder and tourney bonus packs, and it feels great. Apart from that, just invest in IF players and buy low/sell high. Look at pack offerings not as an opportunity to gamble away your coins, but rather as an opportunity to scoop bargains while the slot machine crowd wastes all their energy chasing the jackpot. The slow and steady profit will add up in a hurry.