FIFA 15 Tops the Chart Reasons: Emotional, Dynamism, Manage

fifacoinsfut Date: Nov/03/14 10:21:49 Views: 114

FIFA 15 has been consistently topping the charts in both USA and UK among many other continents. Even though, new titles got released on both platforms including some good exclusives, it is not surprising to see the soccer title from Electronic Arts being at the top. It is because of the genuine effort that the game developers have put in as well as the whole range of new features that has been introduced in the title. Here are the top three that makes the game unique and will convince you to play it if you didn’t check it out yet!

FIFA 15 Tops the Chart Reasons: Emotional, Dynamism, Manage

Emotional Aspects

The biggest complaint that players had for so many years is that the characters on the screen never reacted to anything with realism. Be it scoring a goal, missing a shot or making a foul, they would have a set of pre-defined emotions that the players show. Instead, gamers now can experience something entirely new in the FIFA 15. The game developers say that they have included over 600 emotions to the title but you may not be able to count it. On the end user experience, it will be fun to watch them react to everything that is happening inside the game. Whatever happens, be it epic goals or a tackling that went wrong, your player will react to it in a natural way.


Dynamism in Match Presentation

FIFA 15 simply improvises over the already perfect commentary found in all FIFA games. EA Sports has been in the forefront when it comes to providing excellent commentary during matches and they have pushed themselves further to come out with something unique as well as entertaining. The match presentation has been completely revamped to add new behaviors, more immersive commentary, ten men who will celebrate the goal together and have new character animations for players sitting in the sideline. When everything is combined together, it adds an amazing dynamism to the title and this will help you feel engrossed in the game.


Managing Your Team

Team management is another new feature which is not entirely new but much more customizable in FIFA 15. You can change the game as you please and place any player at any point on the ground so as to allow you to control them whenever required. When you start using it, you will realize the difference.