FIFA 15 Strategy Guide: Mentality, Opponent and Substitutions

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Define your Mentality


The best way to determine the strategy you’re going for is to by paying attention to the team you’ll be playing against.While you may be a better player than your opponent, if you just play normally and go for goals most of the time, you’ll catch yourself being countered a lot, and the problem is that Real Madrid takes advantage of counter attacks on a regular basis.


To neutralize this advantage Real Madrid has, you can play with a very defensive mentality. Don’t be so quick to play balls through the midfield and advance your team forward. Forcing an attack almost creates a counter attack for a team like Real Madrid, so the main theme here is to just simply calm down and play a more laid-back passing game. Defensively, you need to be very sharp.To make things easier, you can use D-pad controls to make your team play defensively (hit all the way to the left to ‘Ultra Defensive’) and provide more of a challenge for oncoming Real Madrid forwards.


Again, you can canyon the brawl about cautiously while you accept it, but acutely attending to canyon advanced up the acreage if you can and beforehand appear the ambition slowly. If you are patient, you will acquisition yourself with appropriate advancing numbers in the final third and afresh you can advance with your beforehand as you commonly would, it just ability yield a bit best for you to get to this stage. Overall though, you account from this affectionate of Arresting Mentality if arena adjoin teams who are actual offensively able and ability agitation you.


If you’re traveling to play with an advancing mentality, you can afresh use the D-pad to supplement this. If arena Ultra Attacking, all of your players will just play a college band and your aggregation will play added up the pitch. From experience, I can say that this aswell causes your aggregation to move advanced on advances up the acreage (normally or by counter) abundant faster, acceptance you to cord calm abundant quicker attacks.


Understanding your Opponent


When you aboriginal activate arena with someone, you charge to pay absorption to how they access assertive situations in adjustment to avert able-bodied adjoin them. You charge to accurately agenda which administration they about-face if there is a apostle on their aback and the brawl is advancing to them, whether or not they cut central if they accept a amateur dribbling down the wing, etc.


What’s absorbing is that abounding players do not about-face up how they access these cardinal scenarios in a game. Some players consistently attending to cut central for a attempt just alfresco the box with a amateur like Robben or Hazard, so you artlessly position your apostle to the central and agenda area your advancement is if he gets accomplished him. It afresh becomes rather simple: as anon as he begins to accomplish it accomplished your aboriginal defender, about-face bound and abduct the brawl abroad with the central apostle afore he can react. If you were not consistently allegory what he’s traveling to do, you would be bent off bouncer as you’re just rolling with the punches as they come. You may accept been clumsy to acknowledge with the additional amateur and he’d get a attempt off.


Paying absorption to added simple scenarios such as which administration a amateur tends to about-face can aswell be to your advantage. Again, he may not consistently go those directions, but it’s funny how humans tend to do the aforementioned affair over and over in a bold like FIFA. Humans get adequate with what they accept apparent plan in the accomplished and consistently just opt to go with that again. Similarly, humans avert the aforementioned administration over and over, but you can exhausted the aeon by admiration based on antecedent attempts.


Making Substitutions


In reality, FIFA players accept so abundant activity that you don’t absolutely charge to accomplish all that abounding substitutions. What I’m adage is that theoretically, your aggregation should endure for appealing abundant the accomplished bold and they won’t appearance any affectionate of tiredness or anything.


Substitutions can be, however, actual important to your success. If you apprehension that your accompaniment is not demography advantage of a decidedly weak/slow fullback, afresh you may wish to sub him off for a abundant faster, admitting maybe slower accompaniment to yield his place. If your advanced is just not able abundant to win annihilation in the air adjoin big centermost forwards, afresh you ability wish to accede accepting anyone abroad in his position.


It’s all about just evaluating positions and really just seeing who is underperforming. In this lies one of the biggest benefits of knowing the team you’re playing with or simply bringing real football knowledge with you when you play soccer. Many teams will feature players who play the same position but are fundamentally different in style. There is no situation where the are both equally effective -- one player will be more successful against certain types of defenders than the other. Obviously, you should try to recognize this when you are picking teams and not when you are making substitutions, but this is where substitutions can be used to rectify your mistakes in this area.