FIFA 15 Insane Method To Make Coins by YouTubers

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I will be giving you FIFA 15 Trading Tips to show you guys How To Make FIFA 15 Coins on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team to get yourself players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Legends like Pele! 


0:00 what is going on and body my name is Nathan and welcome to video wow will be

0:03 showcasing you how to make coins

0:05 on 350 altman team and I meet this week especially

0:09 to basically give you an answer an absolute minor frauds were now though

0:11 I'd like to thank you for the support right now because we smashed over 500

0:15 like

0:15 any we got confirmation of 500 likely studio

0:19 arguing over 50,000 was always on it were plated

0:23 I gotta do is drop like a video nasa the following question in the comment

0:27 section are below

0:28 on dedust or night the bridge

0:31 which often to the you prefer I personally prefer michael Ryder

0:35 just looked to be smoother but let me know in the comment section below what

0:39 you prefer anti-dust

0:40 for Nike and I'm her till left to right in the field was because

0:43 arm on the peace of mind people got their start saying he wasn't

0:47 gallery trading and I was getting inside information

0:50 and I'm I did keep my way I'd do this let me get this straight

0:55 I did not get any personal information from GC I'm STI

1:00 founders all by myself and I will show you how you can do it yourself as law

1:03 it is not any personal inside his I did not cheat my way I got this car slid

1:08 legitimately

1:09 I sold them on legitimately so let's get right to it because

1:13 on as you may have heard nafta 7&9 Africa Cup still plays very cheaply

1:17 nestled among push it lower I'm

1:20 you might be wondering how how did I get the right well

1:24 I'm gonna be explaining it easy because at their arms both have big youtubers

1:28 who do like peace player Cecil players who are very good and just other stuff

1:31 to go on by his place because they're good at such as what reinhardt so I

1:35 I'm benefiting from in a humane and you made wonder lot while

1:40 mass how did you get the sad the saddest part like

1:43 how did you find out that he can use them

1:45 simple answer for Tet the youth your salsa

1:49 for tech house yeah and a out make the squad

1:52 on their as you can see on screen right now I G time as he made this clock

1:56 with the desilva chris latimer now the basically what I did

2:00 i jus wanna do is that have seem to squat and and you to play before it was

2:04 even out

2:05 but the player where freemen draw for the video

2:08 the price went up by shitload on leadership not appoint but at least he

2:12 did it is not any inside information

2:14 is just looking around on the Internet finding your shift an

2:18 and just benefiting from it because managed to get one did as well

2:22 did as well what do political stop how he also made his fumble on the on his

2:27 he had you can see you to rest their may disclose

2:30 they make em basically because of that I just found out that he he found with

2:34 that player

2:35 I am a bit too late for silver christiane route to be honest I didn't

2:38 buy any of them and he's up to our 40,000 points aren't I would not

2:41 recommend buying him

2:43 but this that's basically how it works like is very easy and very simple to do

2:47 you just gotta know where to look

2:48 and what to do go on to lose would have to keep an eye on it

2:52 if he up-close nice clothes will apply from those players

2:56 list them on when you close the video for shit load more make more coins

2:59 make yourself happy make me happy and

3:03 yeah that's basically how easy it is for boys don't get mad at me I did not keep

3:06 my way but I am

3:08 regardless I hope he does it and do it video make sure you drop a like if you

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3:13 slips a proper happen every and where the need for the ladies and gentlemen to

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