FIFA 15 Free-Kicks Tutorial: Taking A Perfect Kick

fifacoinsfut Date: Nov/21/14 10:36:26 Views: 93

Are you a bit rubbish at taking free-kicks on FIFA 15? if you answer "yes", come to learn taking a perfect free-kicks by EA Sports video tutorial.

FIFA 15 Free-Kick Tutorial: Taking A Perfect Kick

For many of us avid FIFA players, the coveted free-kick is still a near impossible task to master. Once in a blue moon you might hit the top corner, but you'll have no idea how you did it.


With the release of FIFA 15 came new routine options. A player can now use power, finesse, under the wall, the lay-off and if you're very confident... the Rabona.


Yet all these attributes look great in the trailer, but how do you actually pull them off yourself? Well, EA Sports have kindly given us a video tutorial:


But if we're honest, is it really going to help that much? No doubt your free-kicks will still end up looking a bit like this:


Maybe if you're lucky, you'll get one of these: