FIFA 14 features overview-Living Worlds

fifacoinsfut Date: May/15/14 13:54:43 Views: 87

Last time,we have told you a feature of FIFA 14:Elite Technique,today let's continue to tell you another features:Living Worlds.Fans will also experience the electricity of a living stadium as the emotions of new 3D crowds rise and fall around the stories on the pitch.

Nothing compares to a stadium full of fans cheering in unison. With FIFA 14, the crowds come to life with 3D crowd technology that completely changes the atmosphere of a match and makes every stadium feel alive.
The all-new In-Game Director will make each game of FIFA 14 on next-gen consoles feel like a match from the real world. Over 120 different broadcast cameras are positioned around the pitch, each following different players to build storylines and provide stunning new replay angles. You’ll even be able to trigger a replay of a previous important moment during any stoppage of play.
FIFA 14 on the new consoles features a new default camera that is angled lower and closer to the pitch to bring new 3D crowds life. The crowd is now a part of the action. Fans will react to the action on the pitch, ebbing and flowing with the action and emotion of each match. Larger stadiums in FIFA 14 will also feature stadium exteriors and broadcast-inspired stadium fly-overs to add more depth to the match-day experience.
The EA SPORTS IGNITE engine allows for greater graphical fidelity. New cloth technology ensures player kits look and react to movement just as they do in the real world. Particles of grass and dirt, and even splashes of water will be visible during matches. All of the enhanced detail helps each match tell a compelling story, on and off the pitch.

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