FIFA 14 features overview-Elite Technique

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The world enters a new era of sports videogames with the launch of the Xbox One and PlayStation®4 this November. FIFA 14 on next-gen consoles feels alive with players who think with human-like reactions and anticipation and move with the agility of world class athletes. Innovative features such as Elite Technique, Pro Instincts, and Precision Movement, deliver the most authentic football experience possible.Today,let's introduce you first features-Elite Technique.

Thanks to the power of the new consoles and the EA SPORTS IGNITE engine,FIFA 14 will introduce Elite Technique on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. FIFA 14 includes more than 1,000 new animations which create hundreds of new skills and behaviors. New touch passes, slices and lobs have been added, along with behaviors like off-balance shots, panic turns, missed shot reactions and more.
For the first time ever in the FIFA series, multiple players can compete for balls in the air. Not only will there be situations where three or four players can all vie for ball, but each will also have greater control with a variety of new headers. Players will be able to adjust the power, angle and direction of the header as they contest for the ball.

Players will now be able to recognize the situation on the pitch and adapt accordingly. Players will be aware when taking a touch will break momentum, and instead will dummy or run over the ball to maintain the fluidity of their attack. New behaviors include trapping the ball in stride at pace and instinctive off-balance shots. Players will be able to use their body and all parts of the foot, allowing them to cut open the defense with an opportunistic overhead, slice or lob pass. The right trigger will also allow players to trap using their chest, potentially giving them the inch of space needed to reel off a curling lace shot.
Elite Technique gives players multiple ways to receive the ball, opens up more attacking options and creates exciting scoring opportunities. Technically proficient players will be able to receive the ball, shield it from a defender and continue an attack in such a manner that only the best defenders will be able to slow them down.


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