Expert FUT traders advice

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You should strongly consider creating multiple accounts for FIFA trading and trade with two, three, or four accounts at once. In short, more accounts = more trade pile slots = more profit. Once you start trading seriously, you’ll soon find out that 50 trade pile spots is not enough. You should download another browser so you can easily trade with multiple accounts at the same time, rather than having to constantly log in and out of your FUT accounts (i.e. you should have both Safari and Chrome open, or IE and Firefox open)



You can store a seemingly infinite amount of items won on open bids in your watchlist. This comes in handy when stockpiling consumables after happy hours, since you can store hundreds of fitness and chemistry cards in your watchlist.


If possible, use one-hour bids. Many gamers will alone seek through the aboriginal few pages if searching to buy a amateur or accessible (i.e. if there’s alone a few account larboard in the auction). Continuously relisting your items on one-hour auctions will accord you added angle and accordingly added abeyant buyers for your item. However, if you’re traveling to be abroad from the webapp for several hours, there’s annihilation amiss with advertisement for three or six hours. For example, afore you go to bed, account your items brief for six or twelve hours. That said, if you’re a apprentice who sits in chic all day and takes addendum on a laptop or iPad, or if you’re sat in foreground of a computer all day at your office, one-hour bids are the way to go, back you’ll be able to accumulate relisting throughout the day.


Try to acquisition a baby accumulation of agreeing traders to plan with. Generally, the added bill you accept abaft an investment, the added bill you’ll accomplish in the end. The amount of getting able to brainstorm, allotment ideas, and alike alternate investments with added traders cannot be understated. It is abundant easier to affect the bazaar if you accept 5 humans putting 500K into something rather than you throwing a actor bill into an investment by yourself. Firstly, you accept added bill to plan with as a group.


If you decide to invest in IF’s, do not buy before the weekend. During the week that your targeted IF is in packs, prices will be at their highest during the first few days (i.e. Wednesday through Friday). Generally, more packs are opened on the weekend than they are during the weekdays (in terms of packs opened per day), so there will be an increased supply of your targeted IF over the weekend. In addition, there will be a decreased demand, since the demand is highest the day they come out. This leads to lower prices. Personally, I like to start researching the market on Sunday, and I usually buy on Monday or Tuesday. 


Use a spreadsheet to keep track of your trades. This will give you a clear picture of exactly how well your investments did and will keep track of all of your coins. There is a built-in tax calculator and there is also a column that will keep track of your running coin total. Another important reason to log your trades is that EA can sometimes lose your players when you’re trying to trade. Most experienced traders have be affected by the “completing” glitch, which freezes a player in your trade pile and ties up the coins you have in that player for a period of time. Less fortunate traders have experienced a different glitch, where you try to list a card on the web app, then the web app freezes.