EA Showing the Red Card to All FIFA 15 Cheaters

fifacoinsfut Date: Oct/22/14 10:06:35 Views: 144

Are You Still Remember all that stuff EA said about coin sellers just before the launch of FIFA 15? Apparently they ARE taking action.


To recap, towards the end of August, EA laid out their 3 step process for dealing with coin buyers/promoters and their no nonsense, no second chances, single EA account ban for coin farmers and sellers. After that announcement, it all went quiet and looked like nothing had changed, but according to EA it has.


The original post on the EA website has been updated to include the following statement:


Since the launch of FIFA 15, we’ve been able to identify and ban thousands of coinselling accounts. We’ve also issued warnings to coin buyers and promoters that were in violation of the EA Terms of Service (TOS). After sending initial warning emails to coin buyers and promoters, we have identified those that remain in violation of the TOS and since issued FUT Club wipes (with FIFA Points returned) - the most recent wave of FUT Club wipes happened earlier this week.

We’d like to thank community members that made reports to fifaplayfair@ea.com. Using the information you provided we were able to investigate and identify many in-game accounts promoting coin selling.

The FIFA Team


So apparently, even though it looks like little has changed, EA are taking this seriously and are taking action. Thousands of coinselling accounts have been banned and it seems EA have done an initial wave of warnings (presumably a while ago) and followed up on anyone that continued to offend with a cheeky club reset.


It's interesting however that they mention the use of the email address, because when I tried to use it two weeks ago it didn't work and many others on twitter confirmed that they had also tried, and failed, to report accounts using that address. I just tested it again and it does now appear to be working, as I received an auto reply saying that "Our team has received your report". Seems odd that EA were able to identify so many accounts using that report address if it's only been working for such a short while.


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