EA Released First FIFA 15 Patch Note for PlayStation 4

fifacoinsfut Date: Oct/21/14 13:20:24 Views: 70

EA Sports has released a patch for FIFA 15 on PlayStation 4 that fixed several gameplay issues on current-generation consoles. One of the larger fixes, of course, includes progression in FIFA Ultimate Team. It’s no surprise that EA would put priority on a mode that makes the company millions of dollars in additional revenue each year.


As a fan of FIFA, I wish they’d focus on correcting some of the broken elements found in career mode that make the game downright disappointing. This includes Manager Records erasing completely, players being glitched to have a $0 value at random times, allowing two clubs to sign the same free transfer resulting in one of them losing the money and not receiving the player, and a slew of other problems.I’m sure they’ll get to it eventually so long as the rest of us suckers continue to buy their game.


Full patch notes for PlayStation 4 can be found below.


• Fixed ‘search-by-name’ functionality in Career Mode.

• Added the latency indicator to FIFA 15 Ultimate Team so fans can view health of connection before entering an online match.

• Improved set-piece cameras in Online Seasons for Guest players.

• Corrected home crowds in Match Day Live matches.

• PS4 – Fixed occurrences where the player would be unable to progress at the end of a FUT match due to the post-match menus not appearing.

• Fix to hospitality upgrades in Career Mode and Pro Clubs.

• PS4 – Addressed exploit where players could infinitely switch kick-takers on set-pieces.

• PS4 – Fixed occurrence where changes to the Subs and/or Reserves are not brought into Season matches.