Complete High Quality Passing Tutorial For FIFA 15

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In this FIFA 15 passing guide, I’ll share you the best FIFA 15 gameplay tips about passing. I believe that you would never read such complete guide for fifa 15 passing. This guide contains basic tips and strategies as well as discuss different kinds of passes in FIFA 15 and how to execute most out of them. It's easy for you to learn.


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3.The Beautiful Game is Back

Last year we came out and told everyone not to play the “Beautiful Game.” Guess what? This year, we are recommending players to play the “Beautiful Game.” FIFA, this year, is rewarding players that are trying to play tiki-taka like Barcelona. Instead of always going for attacks and shooting, just keep passing it around and keep moving. Make sure your opponent touches the ball as little as possible towards the end of the game. This year you can play really nice football that is enjoyable to watch and still actually win whilst getting better at the game.


2.Beat Overaggressive Defences over the Top

Over-the-top through balls can be very effective in this year’s game. First, try to read the play before it has already been made. A lot of players will have two strikers and will try to one-two excessively between them, and a good opponent will simply move the centre back into a position where they can intercept the pass.

Within the first 15 minutes of a game, you should be able to determine how aggressive their defensive style is.


1.Hold LB or L1 While Passing and Receiving

You can instantly control first-touches nine times out of ten by constantly holding LB / L1 when you’re about to receive a pass. When you have the ball with your midfielder that you want to go forward, keep holding LB / L1 and the recipient of the pass will stop on the ball. This will put you at a slight disadvantage because it can really slow your play down. This is because your players tend to take a second to control the ball.


Holding LB / L1 while passing, will make the player who passed the ball do a forward run in hopes of re-acquiring the ball.

Use this with caution because if you hold LB / L1 and pass with a centre back, they will run up field and leave a gap in your defence.


However, this will resolve your frustration from players taking unnecessary big touches and losing the ball. When you are about to receive the ball, try to make sure you are not holding sprint. Especially, if you are receiving a pass and your player is sprinting in the direction the pass is coming from.



Passing lanes 1-3: most accurate, 4-7: diminished accuracy 8-9: least effective


Xbox Controls

A Button


Playstation Controls

X Button


Compared to FIFA 14

The passing function’s effectiveness has stayed relatively the same. However, the first touch has become more randomized, which makes passing seem more difficult because of the increase in turnovers.



Situation 1: Passing to players directly up the pitch from you tends to be the most accurate.

Situation 2: Using simple passes to attack down the middle.




Xbox Controls

Right Trigger + Right Thumbstick + Direction


Playstation Controls

R2 Trigger + Right Thumbstick + Direction


Compared to FIFA 14

The “knock on” was disappointing in FIFA 14. The defender used to put himself between you and the ball, but now the effective knock on has returned.



Situation 1: On a fast break with open field in front of you.

Situation 2: Knock it around the goalkeeper to create space.




Xbox Controls

Y Button


Playstation Controls

Triangle Button


Compared to FIFA 14

The through balls effectiveness has stayed the same from FIFA 14 to FIFA 15.



Situation 1: Consider using the through ball when you have a player in a position with a lot of space in front of him to run into.

Situation 2: Through balls are unlikely to be cut off by the defender, and the pass will be made to a player with space in the middle of the pitch.



Xbox Controls

Left Bumper + Y Button


Playstation Controls

L1 Bumper + Triangle Button



Situation 1: Most useful when it appears your “through ball” will be stolen by a defender.

Situation 2: To change the line of your attacking player to get the ball earlier than before.



Xbox Controls

Right Bumper (Press and Hold)


Playstation Controls

R1 Trigger (Press and Hold)



Situation 1: Best application is when your players are in close proximity to each other. Otherwise, the pass might not have enough pace on it to reach the next player.

Situation 2: Punishing an overaggressive defender that is trying to rush your play.



Xbox Controls

Right Bumper + A Button


Playstation Controls

R1 Trigger + X Button


Compared to FIFA 14

The passes are not very effective and should not be used in competitive matches.



Situation: The flair pass has no place in competitive matches; it is used purely for show.


On the last

Alright, you know about different types of passes in FIFA 15, and you know how to execute them. But the question is when?

Although it’s pretty much situational and depends a lot on your playstyle, there are some basics that can improve your overall effectiveness:

Back Passes should not be looked down upon as they sometimes can open up a lot of space for you upfront, and you can execute a better through ball. If there is noon up front, just pass the ball backwards instead of losing possession immaturely.

Don’t be obvious in your passing. Yes, a player is making a run but your opponent is also aware of that, so he is most probably marking that player.

What then? You can surprise him by choosing a different pass. Trust me, this technique works great against those who love to read the playstyle of their opponents.

Air Through Balls are effective in most cases but you can’t make them work all the time. I have seen players just using this type of pass and hoping that one of their fast strikers up front will break through, and they will score.

What if it doesn’t work? All I am trying to say that you should practice mutliple build ups while passing so that if one technique doesn’t work, you can use the other one.