Be Careful Phishing Scam in FIFA

fifacoinsfut Date: Jun/20/14 16:02:54 Views: 148

Have you heard Phishing Scam?Maybe someone didnt hear this before,now hope this news to help you to play a safe FIFA World.Scammers are attempting to hijack the Xbox Live and EA Origin accounts of FIFA 14 players through Instagram.Detailed by Malwarebytes,the phishing targets users of FIFA Ultimate Team mode,a combination of a collectible card game and fantasy football league introduced to the long running EA Sports series in 2011.

The scam, operating through instagram account @easportsut2014, purports to be from an official EA channel offering updated and enhanced player cards for Ultimate Team based on the performance of real footballers during the world cup in Brazil.These offers then direct victims to a fake url which is used to capture player login details. Scammers use these details to go on an Ultimate Team card buying spree, building up a portfolio of expensive cards that are subsequently sold on, leaving the player with a large bill and the scammer with a tidy profit.
EA is running a similar enhanced card promotion tied in with the world cup but Ultimate Team players are advised to be wary of suspicious looking social media accounts. Worryingly, the fake Instagram account already has approximately 8,800 followers. Ultimate Team has been the target for phishing attacks before and similar activities have previously been uncovered operating on Twitter.

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