Ballon d'Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo and his Legend year

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Cristiano Ronaldo has been named the 2014 Ballon d'Or winner, capping the second straight year of him being the best player in the world.


Cristiano Ronaldo would absence four games, including the Copa del Rey final adjoin Barcelona, which Real Madrid won 2-1. He came aback and denticulate added goals, including a last-ditch adorableness that was voted Ambition of the Division in La Liga. But afresh he went down again, seven account into the third-to-last alliance bold of the division adjoin Valladolid. Hamstring, again.




He was put on ice for 17 days, returning just in time for the Champions League final.    


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It was during the second layoff that the rumors took hold. More than one "well-informed" source (every club has those, and they're sometimes a little too willing to speak) suggested that Ronaldo's problem might be congenital and that he may never be the same again. Too much wear and tear. Too many miles on those tires; after all, he had played some 700 games for club and country, and he had turned 29 just a few months earlier.


2014 belonged to Cristiano Ronaldo's, which explains his Ballon d'Or victory.

Maybe that's why when he returned and scored that goal from the spot in the final seconds of the Champions League final to make it 4-1, he celebrated as if he'd scored the mother of all winning goals.


Indeed, that injury was still there: patellar tendonitis in his knee, plus the fallout from his hamstring. It meant he often had to train on his own and pull on an ice pack about as often as he put on shinpads. Portugal were bounced out of the World Cup on goal difference and that was that.


Yet it was a somewhat different Ronaldo who showed up after the summer. And that Ronaldo was perhaps just as important as the one we saw in the first half of the year, the one who was all about records, silverware and gritting teeth through injury. This Ronaldo plays without angst and insecurity, and with the ego and preening dialed down several notches.


Remember the whole business with how Real Madrid supposedly wasn't "campaigning" hard enough on his behalf to win baubles like the Ballon d'Or?


Remember the supposed annoyance at the fact that Lionel Messi and Barcelona were the darlings of the world media and Real Madrid was some kind of Evil Empire with Jose Mourinho as Emperor Palpatine and Ronaldo as Darth Vader?


It's not a surprise that his manager, Carlo Ancelotti, says he's playing the best football of his career, or that Ronaldo returns the compliment by calling Ancelotti the best manager he ever had. (The list, as we know, includes Manuel Pellegrini, Mourinho and that Sir Alex Ferguson guy.)


It speaks volumes of Ronaldo that his superstar teammates at Real are accommodating to adjourn to him.Ronaldo is a guy who's agreeable and productive. And because he and Messi assume to ebb and breeze at altered times, he's benefited while the Barcelona brilliant has struggled with all sorts of insinuations, from his acclaimed tax case to accusations that he wields too abundant power, both with Argentina and at the Camp Nou.


Has Ronaldo's ego shrunk? Probably not. This is still a Real Madrid ancillary that works for him and cedes the accent to him, but you can aswell attending at it and achieve the following: it speaks volumes about the attention in which the brand of James Rodriguez, Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema authority him that they're accommodating to about-face into blue-collar blazon players and do the balance plan on his behalf.


This is Ronaldo, the grownup. A grownup diva, perhaps, but a grownup nonetheless. And he's a worthy Ballon d'Or winner in 2014.